Raees is Rich in Performance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Beloved Shahrukh

Raees was definitely one of the most awaited kick-start films of 2017 for the ‘Shahrukh Khan Fanclub’, especially when we saw a bulk of fans marching with the film posters to watch the first-day-first-show.   The beloved SRK has kept the word and has come up with a film which is really worth watching. It ‘s filled with Drama, Action, Music, Serious Acting Skill portrayal and a great Team Work. Like in the name, Raees film efforts can be seen in the movie.

The Story

The film revolves around Raees, a man from Gujarat in the 1980-90’s. He builds an entire empire with absolutely nothing in the beginning, but gradually becomes the most powerful man of the state. Raees is shown as a man with a golden heart and is loved by the people. He uses revolutionary tactics in management, which no one had heard in his time. The story takes a curve with the crime-allergic Police Officer Majumdar, who inevitably chases Raees in all orders to remove crime. This key unlocks the whole story in the narrative.

The Tech Talks

Beginning with the very seasoned actor of the industry, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has nailed it again with his power-packed acting  and presence; like he always does. Secondly, the background scores by Ram Sampath were flawless. The songs ranging from ‘Laila’, to ‘Zalima’ and ‘Udi Udi Jaye’ were on everyone’s lips, and also helped to lift up the overall feel of each and every shot, making them even more engrossing. The Set Designing very well brought the 80-90s feel, eye-soothing lighting & crisp Editing by Deepa Bhatia are some points where the film scores high. The Cinematography by K.U. Mohanan too was worth a while to watch. Costumes by Sheetal Sharma, for Mohsina- the Lady love in the film were subtle and graceful.

The Director Rahul Dholakia, who is said to have been given only 10 minutes to narrate the film to Shahrukh, has used King Khan’s potential really well. Somewhere down the line, it can be seen that the actor was dominating the film which is actually a good point. Rahul gave keen focus on the ‘detailing’ of the film along with his Art Director. Dialogues are the parts which are very vital to connect with the folks, and Raees has perfect made the connection.  The impressive elements used in the film were those from his childhood, where he used the whistle to signal the liquor suppliers. This is a smart use. Also, the mother’s teaching to her son and Miya Bai’s significant dialogue about the style of the hero’s work, help in portraying Raees’ character quite a lot of times in the film. Furthermore, the use of calling ‘Bhaijaan’ by the friend to warn about Cops is creatively used.

Coming to the film’s VFX,  Redchillies Entertainment was high on achieving what they wanted. The VFX was very well blended and  truly uplifts the film.
Also, talking about the Distribution of the film, Raees is a  Big Banner, Multi Producer movie, hence will surely boom away the box office.

Must say, Shahrukh has done complete justice with acting in Raees. Even if he is the ‘King of Romance’,  Shahrukh’s work will be  cherished for a long time with his character IN & AS RAEES. Out of the box!
Cineglance encourages him to work for more such films and make Paisa Wasool deals for the audience.

Lastly, talking about the shooting location- Gujarat’s essence can be sensed all through the flick, but it could have come with more feeling.

We rate it an overall 4 claps out of 5!

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4 thoughts on “Raees is Rich in Performance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Beloved Shahrukh

  1. The complete and perfect review on all parameters on all aspects.
    Overall great and gives brief intro. Why to go for movie.??
    Especially for Nawajuddin. Once again. Nawaj as Nawab of acting.

    Thanks for review. Was great & perfect.

    “miya bhai ki daring,.. “

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  2. Complete review !!!! As i wont tok on the movie u already knw ☺️As u startd the movie review blog frm the blockbuster movie 🎥 And yes Raees review frm u
    Best luck fr ua blog
    Vll say u only #apna time shuru

    Liked by 1 person

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