Kaabil is a Film with a Message-A Good Job by Hritik Roshan

Kaabil is a film with an unusual story-line by Director Sanjay Gupta. It created great impact on the audience. Hitherto, Hritik Roshan was considered to be a hunk and the most desirable man of the industry. But with Kaabil, he has proved his brilliancy in acting.

The Story

The story really went beyond; the name itself gives an idea. It has the characters- Rohan and Supriya Bhatnagar- starring Hritik and Yami Gautam, who are blind.

The movie begins with a sweet meeting, where Rohan meets Supriya on a date, fixed by a mutual friend. Their love story continues in the most common way with romancing each other and finally tying the knot.

The latter part of the film sees a change with introduction to Amit, who is the couple’s neighbour, with his mandatory sidekick Wasim. This duo tends to tease the couple regularly for fun. Tragedy hits the film when the Director has shown how the brothers play with Rohit Bhatnagar’s life, which we won’t mention so that the fizz is still on.

On a whole, the film portrays how a blind man alone, changes everything. He overcomes all obstacles barring his disability- hence the Title.

We saw a good star cast with- Of Course Hritik Roshan & Yami Gautam, Rohit Roy, Ronit Roy and Girish Kulkarni

Editor : Akiv Ali

Cinematography: Ayananka Bose & Sudeep Chatterjee

Music : Salim & Suleiman Merchant

Writing credits : Sanjay Masoom & Vijay Kumar Mishra

Art director: Manini Mishra

The Tech specs

The cinematography won hearts! The overall look of the film is soothing and technically all shots were very sharp and well composed. The use of foreground and background in the film is appreciated.

The editing done by Akiv Ali is good too. It is smooth but could have been clearer, compact and crispier. Due to some reason, the film felt little dragged in between, despite of which the effects in editing can be seen properly.

The Music

What say when it’s the Salim-Suleiman duo? They create magic every time, but unfortunately failed this time. The tunes aren’t catchy though and not the impromptu. The audiences in the present days are listening to a different genre, Kaabil just has the music from the past.

Art Direction

The Art Director Manini Mishra has done full justice to her work. He was clear to showed what the film was about. The props used were great along with the small elements in the film which grab your attention.

The Writers

The writers Sanjay and Vijay wrote down a film with an excellent message. The dialogues could have been better. Because they came from Vijay Mishra, our expectations were higher.
The Director Sanjay Gupta also achieved what he wanted to convey to people. Overall, a good trial.

We rate it an overall 3.5 claps out of 5!

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