Kay Kay Menon- The King of Suspense and Drama

The man who began his journey with a ‘Mahatma vs Gandhi’ theatre play, now dominates his presence in Indian cinema. Like many others in the industry, he saw many ups and downs too, but nothing seemed to have bothered him. A dramatist who has been lucky enough to debut opposite Naseeruddin Shah, the October 2 born actor is one among the top actors we have in the industry.

Pune is a place where many legends of Theatre were raised and groomed. This is where Kay Kay Menon spent his childhood and later life. He started his acting in 1995 with Naseem. Even now, his role in the Vodka Diaries is relevant in every sense as it was a strong, varied and dominating role to play. He has also been working on the Southern Film Industry and has done well with films like “Udhayam NH4” the Tamil movie. Menon patiently waited for his cards to turn since 1995 to the year 2005. But this talent from Kerala fought back all the struggle and excelled with his work. He was seen in the film “Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi” for which he earned critical acclaim. Later in his journey, in the Film “Sarkar”, he was nominated for the Best Performance in a Negative Role at the Filmfare Awards. Also, one cannot forget his beautiful role in the “Life in a.. Metro”. With the days passing by, he also was seen in the films like “Baby”, “Raja Natwarlal”, “ABCD”, “Haider”, “Bombay Velvet” and also “Rahasya”. All these films were appreciated for their individual contributions in the world of cinema and also Kay Kay’s work.

Kay Kay Menon has surely created a benchmark with his acting skills. He is an unusual actor who camouflages himself in various looks and characters, his eminent dialogue through and command are worth remembering. One of his dialogues say,

“Takleef Mein Saath Dene Waale ko Bhale Ek Baar Bhool Jao, Lekin Takleef Dene Wale ko Kabhi Mat Bhoolna”

meaning- “It is fine if you forget the person who has been there is your hard times, but never forget the ones who have caused you the same.” This dialogue delivered by Menon in the film Raja Natwarlal was a marvel. His finesse uplifted the whole mood of the scene and of course gave life into the words.

Other relevant dialogues by the actor are

“Border pe marne se zyada bada nasha koi nahin hai”

from film Shaurya in 2008,

“Zindage or Chess me koi Farak Nahi.. Jeetne ke liye Dono Mein Chaalein Chalni Padti hai”

from Bhindi Baazaar in 2011.

Cineglance issues a need for more such talent in cinema who engross themselves in the love for art and are true artists in real sense. We wish Kay Kay Sir long life on Mother Earth and in the heart of his lovers.

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