Review “Baghtos Kay.. Mujra Kar!” a Rousing Marathi Film

The ‘Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar’ Trailer made waves all over Maharashtra and also in minds of many film makers outside the state. Fascinated with the vibrant posters, the Maratha feel and of course the spirited performance by the actors, created a lot of buzz about the film. And now after its release on 3rd Feb, Cineglance gives you all the insides from the film.

The film is a soup with many flavours- comedy, emotion, drama- and in real, it quenches the thirst of every Marathi. Read the review below to know the fine points.

The Storyline- A Tale of Three for One Ambition

BKMK slips in with a very good story. Nanasaheb Deshmukh aka Jitendra Joshi is a generous good man of a village in Maharashtra. He is a person who is deeply rooted the virtues which Shivaji Maharaj laid years back. He is shown as a man who is made the Sarpanch (head of village) because of his generosity and helping qualities in him. But somewhere within, his heart wants to devote efforts for all the Shivaji Forts in his reach and re-build its splendour. He is annoyed with their present state and wants to teach the damaging youth a lesson. Upon asking the politicians and princely men for a helping hand, they refuse to assist him, rather make fun. This is when, Nanasaheb’s friends Pandurang (Aniket Vishwasrao) and Shivraj (Akshay Tanksale) advice him to act massively.

This trio now decides to bring back Shivaji Maharaj’s Sword from the Queen of England, in order to gain focus and get their dream of the social cause fulfilled. But this has a twist too which reveals in the second part. The three had their age, mindsets and thinking all different, but aimed only one- to get back the Shri Shivaji Heritage. In this fusion and confusion, BKMK manages to gives you mood swings all through the film.

The Director

The Director as well as the Writer of BKMK, Hemant Dhome has doubtlessly given a first-rate film to the us. It positively speaks about where our mindsets are lagging behind, when we must strive towards saving our heritage. The innocent desire in the eyes of the villagers to do everything for the love of their culture, stirs your heart. He was also seen acting in the film. However, the Director’s chair alone could have been handled more efficiently.

The Cast

Actors Jitendra Joshi, Aniket Vishwasrao and Akshay Tanksale grabbed everyone’s attentions with their acting and dialogues. This trio makes a good curry and create perfect balance of feeling and sensitiveness required for their roles. Right from suspense to comedy, Jitendra Joshi perks up the movie. All the three actors have done their best jobs yet.


The Camera Work

Coming to the visuals, the cinematographer Milind Jog’s work was rewarding. He managed to make the aerial shots a treat for the audience. The alluring Gulaal shot is beautifully captured. We also loved the amazing shot of the Maratha Warrior picking up the sword, also seen in trailer.

The Music

‘Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar’ got its music from Amitraj. It matches and in fact helps the theme to capture the minds. Minute technicalities have been taken into consideration by the Music Director with songs ‘Ti Talwar’, ‘Tu Disate’ and ‘The Promise’ by varied singers are assonant and tuneful. Sidhharth Mahadevan’s voice is good to hear. Other vocalists have also done well.

The Cinematography and Music have been up-lifters of the feel of the film. Good job!


The Editing & Costume

BKMK has a fine editing by Faisal Imran. It does not feel interrupted anywhere and is better than many Hindi movies which we recently saw.

‘Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar’ is film which every Indian should watch. Even if you are not from Maharashtra, disrespect to our cultural heritage is seen all over India.
As Jitendra Joshi said in the film,

“It is History’s fault. Just because it was worth for only 20 marks in school, these lads are careless about it.”

The Costumes were fittingly matching the film. They were the key notes of the film too.

This film is definitely a recommended one for its well defined concept, clear visuals, strong motif and Cineglance gives it 4 claps out of 5!

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